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A Few Good Men

Who wants to be ordinary? Not you. Not me.

The good news is that extraordinary men are not born; they are made. Imbibe earthy qualities to lead a life that leaves footprints.

ICT Academy, presents A Few Good Men, capturing the bio-sketch of nine leaders from different walks of life. The book makes a deep dive into identifying their DNA based on direct personal interviews.

Nine Inspiring stories wrapped under the title A Few Good Men. Written by V Pattabhi Ram, Partner, Yoganandh & Ram; a writer, public speaker, and teacher. Foreword by Lakshmi Narayanan, Chairman ICT Academy and Emeritus Vice Chairman , Cognizant. With personal interviews by M Sivakumar and B Anbuthambi.

Nine Inspiring stories

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Emeritus Vice Chairman, Cognizant
Chairman, ICT Academy


Gene Kranz, the flight director of Apollo 13, a failed mission that was converted into a grand human success, coined the phrase “Failure is not an option.” It’s a phrase that symbolizes the grit and determination of the NASA team as also the integrity and single-minded goal of its leader. I had the privilege of listening to him and interacting with him a few years back. What stood out were his character, his simplicity, his family values, and dedication to the nation.I can see those values and grit in each of the Good Men profiled in this book.Be it the determination with which S Viswanathan has persevered with his economic journalism, continuing to travel the length and breadth of the country for a good story. His burning desire, even at his age, is an example for anyone who wants to hang his boots.

Or the values that his mother imbibed in M V Muthuramalingam, and her voice that has guided him all these years to do good. An inspirational personality dedicated to the cause of education and a soft heart for the underprivileged. The obstacles that he overcame in creating a medical college and hospital in Madurai is the stuff of what legends are made of. Prof C K Prahalad, in his vision for India at her 75th birthday, said, “I believe that India can and should actively shape the emerging world order and this demands that we acquire enough economic strength, technological vitality, and moral leadership.” It is a powerful idea that is achievable in our lifetime.

Each of the men profiled in this book have demonstrated these three qualities: moral leadership, as exemplified by the acts of T N Manoharan in governance; a commitment to applying technology to excel, as shown by Director Shankar in the entertainment industry; and frugal management of resources thereby building economic strength, presented by the courageous Balakrishnan.

I can go on about each one of the other good men, namely Arun Alagappan, R Dinesh, Dr. N G Palaniswami, and Arun Jain, who by their examples have created lot more good men in our country and acted selflessly at all times. A book that focuses the spotlight on them and holds them aloft for all of us to be proud of and for the younger generation to emulate is a treasure. I am happy to present them through our author V Pattabhi Ram, who has brought a sharp focus on role models.

Praise for "A FEW GOOD MEN"


Pattabhi Ram

Author & Public Speaker

A writer, a public speaker, and a teacher. Author of Ticking Times, a novel set in the backdrop of the audit profession. Also wrote the biography Building a Legacy – Anumolu Ramakrishna.

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A Few Good Men

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The men we chronicle come from a cross-section of society. By education: three CAs; two engineers; and one each a doctor, a management graduate, a post-grad in economics, and a diploma holder. Look closer, and you notice these men are from nine fields: manufacturing, services, movies, microlending, banking, journalism, medicine, education, and software. Each one of them showed unrivaled zeal in their sphere and in their own way rendered invaluable service for the development of 21st century Chennai.