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Education is a Nation's strength. Indian higher education system is the third largest in the world, next to United States and China. There have been lot of challenges to higher education system in India but equally have lot of opportunities to overcome these challenges and to make the system much better.

Student engagement is a multidimensional paradigm that can be measured with all the dimensions dynamically interrelated. Student engagement is increasingly noticed as one of the ways to addressing problems such as low achievement, boredom, alienation and high dropout rates. Engagement is believed to be as one of the most important prerequisites to learning. Engaged students are more likely to perform well and achieve a high level of academic success.

− Best Practices Showcase −

The Higher Education Sector in Tamil Nadu has numerous successful initiatives led by various Educational Institutions. These initiatives showcase innovative approaches, effective strategies, long-lasting impact and sustainability thereby developing the youth in the state. These success stories and best practices need to be disseminated widely across various Educational Institutions across India, thereby enabling institutions across the nation to follow the best practices. This could also generate a greater momentum across the country for learning, adaptation and replication of the success stories

ICT Academy aims to identify, document and disseminate the best practices in engaging students by educational sectors across Tamil Nadu. ICT Academy will be releasing a special edition book "Best Practices-Student Engagement" during its
32 nd Edition of Bridge conference at Chennai on the 28 Mar 2018, one of the largest Industry Institute Interaction event of India.

This publication focuses on the documentation and analysis of best practices that are implemented in the different forms across various Higher Educational Institutions that may vary from arts and science, engineering and management.

− Objectives −


To identify and showcase the best practices of student engagement in achieving academic excellence


Disseminating successful and proven approaches to Higher Education Institutions across the country


To encourage the replication of the best practices in other parts of the country to provide greater impetus to development of the Nation

− Who can apply −

Any recognized Higher Education Institution in the state of Tamil Nadu, who has effectively engaged students for academic excellence, to share and showcase to the world.


Apart from the regular academics, the below mentioned key categories are identified in this initiative focusing towards effective engagement of a student. An institution may submit a best practice in any one of these categories,


Skill Development

Research & Development

Career Enhancement

Social Responsibility

Industry Readiness

−Submission Guidelines−

  • Only Higher Educational Institutions across the state of Tamil Nadu are eligible to participate.
  • An Institution can apply for only one category.
  • The paper (max. 2,000 words) should be submitted as per the template (Click here)
  • The soft copy of the paper should be sent to bestpractices@ictacademy.in
  • The printed version of the paper duly signed by the Head of the Institution must be sent to ICT Academy (Head office).

−Selection Criteria−

An eminent panel of experts from industry and educational background will be the jury members. Identifying "Best Practices" involves judgment. Such judgments require prior analysis using the following set of criteria:

Impact & Effectiveness

This is a fundamental criterion implicit in the definition. The practice must work and achieve results that are measurable along with its impact.


The proposed practice must produce results with a reasonable level of resources and time.

Ethical soundness

The practice must respect the rules of ethics in Higher Education


Replicability & Sustainability

The proposed practice must be implementable over a long period of time without any massive injection of additional resources.The proposed practice, as carried out, must be replicable elsewhere in the country.


The purpose of this report is descriptive, because it seeks to provide an accurate description of access, stay and success in higher education.

Note: All the claims done must be supported/justified with provable data/information (mere description alone will not be CONSIDERED)

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