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    Building Sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

  • ICT Academy CSR

    Building Sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

To implement CSR programs on Education and Skill Development



Education and Skill development are the backbone of a society and is more important when considering India's objective of becoming a knowledge hub of the world. However, delivering quality education and providing appropriate vocational skills has been a challenge in this large country.
Government of India and State Governments have been continuously taking various initiatives to improve the quality in education for the past several years. Some of the key initiatives like SSA, RMSA among many other programs have been making a huge impact in the education sector. However, these initiatives are not enough, as the challenge is huge and not only the government but everyone has to take straight efforts towards reaching quality education and skills to every student in the country. The magnitude and scale of the challenges therefore demand intensive efforts and funds from varied sources other than the government. This will not only result in developing employees for jobs, but also create thinkers, innovators & leaders for the future India. Concurrently, Indian corporate sector has also started playing a big role in improving quality of education. As per government mandate, corporate with at least 5 crore revenue have to devote 2% of its annual revenue to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). That is where corporate can contribute to this worthy cause of providing quality education and skills to the youth in India, and be part of developing the next generation leaders for India.
ICT Academy CSR
ICT Academy CSR

The Core Issue

CSR in Education and Skill Development - Addressing the Core Issue

The current challenges in reaching quality education and skill development to every nook of India is significantly consequential on the growth and development of our nation. The magnitude and the degree of the challenges demand strong efforts in reaching out with quality Education & skills which will be a core issue considering these two as the foundations in the path of becoming a developed nation.

Addressing these most significant indicators of social progress plays a decisive role for a society to achieve self-sustainable and equal development. With an increasing global realization of how corporate can contribute to social objectives, education deserves a higher level of corporate involvement.

Many leading corporate are joining hands with the Government to make that dream of India in providing quality education to all come true. As an important part of it, the role of corporate with their CSR initiatives in India has become very crucial in improving the education and skills vision of India. The corporate have identified various areas in Education and Skill Development to support achieving the nation's "Digital India" and "Skill India" visions through CSR initiatives.

  • Infrastructure
  • Capacity
  • Learning
  • Society
  • Curriculum &
  • Assistance for
  • Digital Empowerment
  • Vocational Skill Development

CSR Implementation Areas

ICT Academy has been working with leading corporate houses in implementing their CSR programs on Education and Skill Development. The organizations have identified ICTACT as a CSR implementation vehicle to reach the programs to the rural India. ICTACT with its strong network of people, member institutions and stakeholders have been implementing the programs successfully. Among various initiatives that are of need under Education and Skill Development, ICTACT has been successfully delivering programs aimed at leveraging larger societal impact in the areas listed hereunder,.

CSR Partnerships

ICT Academy CSR

Access to Autodesk software, learning resources, Faculty Training and Student Skill Development in Tamil Nadu through ICT Academy

Autodesk a world leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software.

ICT Academy CSR
CSS Corp

Skill Outreach Program - Employability Skills Training to Students by CSS Corp in partnership with ICT Academy

CSS Corp, a global technology services company partnered with ICT Academy to enhance employability.

ICT Academy CSR

Capacity Building of Higher Education Faculty members in Tamil Nadu

In order to impart skill and competency based learning, it is necessary to explore and provide opportunity to both faculty members & students, for getting a reasonable amount of exposure to the work culture.

ICT Academy CSR
Dell EMC

Digital Empowerment by Dell EMC Corporation through ICT Academy

EMC India COE, under its overarching philosophy of "People, Planet and Possibilities', believe in making responsible choices towards a better world. EMC is committed to contribute meaningfully to the community - through key focus areas

ICT Academy CSR

Digital Empowerment by INTEL through ICT Academy

Intel through its Digital Literacy initiatives aimed at improving digital literacy skills among citizens of India. As a part of the program Intel partnered with ICT Academy of Tamil Nadu in order to create Digital Literacy among students, teachers and individuals

ICT Academy CSR

Digital Empowerment and Faculty Capacity Development for creating impact for a better tomorrow by Microsoft in partnership with ICT Academy

Microsoft works with non-profits around the world to provide them with affordable access to the technology they need to support

ICT Academy CSR

Oracle Academy creating twenty first century teachers and students in partnership with ICTACT in the state of Tamil Nadu

Some of the most essential and important subjects will open so many doors for the twenty-first students in Computer Science (CS) and Engineering domains