Ecosystems are essential to the survival of human societies and economies. There are substantial risks that ecological degradation will diminish the future well-being of humanity. Regime shifts in ecosystems cause rapid, substantial changes in ecosystem services and human well-being. The human population is becoming connected & crowded, consuming & polluting, and in many ways less diverse than any time in history. The question now arises, whether it is possible to satisfy the needs of the population that is growing exponentially while preserving the carrying capacity of our ecosystems, biological and cultural diversity. The generations of the future will never know the ecosystems we had the privilege of growing up with, unless we address these problems with positive solutions.

ICT Academy, in association with Autodesk, presents India Design Week 2017, a largest better-than-ever design event for young "creators of tomorrow" looking to unleash the Power of Design and contribute towards the furtherance of ecosystem. This inaugural edition will have the theme "Design for Ecosystems" with an objective to build designs for a better ecosystem.

The event will be conducted in 3 locations across Tamil Nadu & Puducherry, in a "24 Hour Design Challenge" format where budding designers will learn, explore, image, innovate and design for a better living. This event provides an opportunity for budding designers to express their design views on the future of living through their innovative and visionary design thinking. The event aims to foster budding talent in design and expose them to all aspects of product design process.

About ICT Academy


ICT Academy, headquartered in Chennai, India is an initiative of the Government of India in collaboration with the state Governments and Industries. ICT Academy is a not-for-profit autonomous organization, the first of its kind pioneer venture under the Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) model that endeavors developing the next generation talent pool. ICT Academy in partnership with Autodesk has been developing teachers and students on Design thinking in the areas of Manufacturing, Automobile, Construction and architecture.

About Autodesk

Autodesk, Inc. is a leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software. Customers across manufacturing, architecture, building, construction, and media and entertainment industries-including the last 17 Academy Award winners for Best Visual Effects-use Autodesk software to design, visualize, and simulate their ideas before they're ever built or created. From blockbuster visual effects and buildings that create their own energy to electric cars and the batteries that power them, the work of our 3D software customers is everywhere you look. Through our apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android, we're also making design technology accessible to professional designers as well as amateur designers, homeowners, students, and casual creators. Whether it's a kid looking to build a new contraption, a seasoned pro sketching out a great new idea, or someone who just wants to amp up their creative output, we're taking technology originally built for movie studios, automakers, and architectural firms, and making it available to anyone who wants to create and share ideas with the world. Since the introduction of AutoCAD software in 1982, Autodesk continues to develop the broadest portfolio of state-of-the-art 3D software for global markets.

For more information, visit www.autodesk.com


"Design for Ecosystem", being the theme of the event, the focus areas of the event includes every single area that has influence on the world. Some of the product design areas listed below for easy reference.

India Design Week

Built Environment

Apply your knowledge and expertise in problem solving, provide a framework for innovative thinking in the design of comfort and wellbeing in buildings service systems, placing associated environmental issues in a global national and personal context.
India Design Week

Disaster Relief

Disasters cause destruction and suffering to mankind. Design the most impressive disaster relief solutions in a way that we are better prepared, have methods to avoid damage and suffering.
India Design Week


Improved efficiency of energy systems and development of sustainable, low-carbon emission energy generation processes are essential for the long-term health of the ecosystem. Focus on providing design in advanced energy carrier technologies and energy conversion devices.
India Design Week


With advances in modern technology, there is an increased interest from the general public to improve their health and well-being through changes in their diets without compromising on taste, quality, food safety or cost. Within this changing environment, we are facing complex issues; budding designers need to come up with healthy food designs that can encourage and promote healthier eating behaviours, improving the health and wellbeing.
India Design Week

Health & Well Being

Design for health & wellbeing will enable people to influence their everyday living conditions. The development of innovative solutions encompasses not only fundamental scientific questions but also the endeavours which will bring discoveries to hospitals, clinic and society as a whole to improve general health, well-being and quality of life.
India Design Week


This area covers broad range of design and operational aspects related to modern automobile systems, from structure and dynamics of vehicles, noise and vibration issues, aspects of human factors and also aims at developing new mechanical systems using advanced control technologies, which realize both high performance and “safety and security”.
India Design Week


Provide an idea of design on recycling product development and reduction of e-waste recycling.
India Design Week


The water crisis is the one of first global risk based on impact of society. Water has been prevailing theme over the past few years and there is a need to produce life-saving designs that can provide clean water and propose practical solutions to the crisis.
India Design Week

Clean Industry

Improved industrial sustainability addresses many global environmental concerns. Industrial design covers the range of product development process and this is where the vision really starts to come to life and evolve in different directions. Ideation must be translated into design and renderings to visually explore a wide range of product formats and features.
India Design Week

Resource & Materials

Provide the solution for a resource scarcity by replace it with alternate resources or recycling the existing resources or through providing better idea on the efficient material utility.

Program Format

The "24 Hour Design Challenge" is a design marathon for students to work on live designs that can create a better living. Racing against the clock, young designers will be exposed to a series of workshops, mocks, product design, and showcase their design of products and solutions.The students will undergo a thrilling 24 hours, full of ideas, inspiration and fun, but most importantly, students' exposure to "live design" mentoring and helping them with finding solutions that will change lives. This challenge is for Mechanical, Aeronautical, Automobile, Mechatronics, Robotics, Production engineering students, with the background knowledge of design preferably with user level knowledge of Autodesk's free software "Autodesk Fusion 360". It is for students, who have a dream to create a new product design that will aspire to make a difference and contribute towards the global agenda.

  • 01 Register your
  • 02 Build your
  • 03 Attend Facilitation
  • 04 Experts
  • 05 Showcase and


The competition is open for fulltime students enrolled under Mechanical, Aeronautical, Automobile, Mechatronics, robotics and Production Engineering courses of any Engineering Institution in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry approved by the Government of India.

A student can participate in a team of 3-4 students.

Faculty members are encouraged to guide their student teams. In turn, the platform offers them excellent networking opportunities with global peers.

The faculty's responsibility today goes beyond the term "training" with its implications of imparting skills and encompasses a definition that includes formal and informal means of helping students to not only learn new skills, but also develop new insights into application of technology and skills into real time projects. The India Design Challenge provides an excellent opportunity for faculty members to support students professional development, as they encounter the challenges that come with putting into practice their evolving understandings about the use of technology to support project-based learning.


Register your team, design your innovative projects and submit them for review by a jury of industry experts. Give a thorough read to the submissions rule book below to submit your designs.

Each submission must meet the following:

  • Students must form a multidisciplinary team of 3 to 4 members to register and include students from two disciplines at a minimum.
  • Entries must include the Student Name along with the crew, Name of the Department, Name of the Institution, E-mail address & Phone number of all student team members and supervisor (if any), respectively
  • Entries must be submitted electronically via (registration link).
  • Entries must include all the requested files under guidelines.
  • Single File Autodesk Fusion 360 File (.f3d) / ZIP file
  • Project Abstract*
  • High-Quality Photorealistic Images, Panoramas etc
  • Presentation File (PPT)

*Abstracts must include sufficient information about the nature and significance of the design project, the adequacy of the investigative strategy, design workflow, the nature of the results, and the conclusions. The abstract should summarize the substantive results of the work.

  • An abstract is an outline/brief summary of the project including design process.
  • Should able to highlight major points of the content and clearly define the Importance of the work, Project Objective, Approach, Learning and Conclusions.
  • A well-developed paragraph with the right wordings and terminology.
  • Easy to understand for wide audience.
  • Do not include any charts, tables, figures, or spreadsheets in the abstract body.

To submit design projects, you need to e-mail zipped files at design@ictacademy.in.

24 Hours AGENDA

Day & TimeProgram
Day 1 - 08:00 - 09:00Registration of Teams
Day 1 - 09:00 - 11:00Inauguration
Day 1 - 11:00 - 11:30Break & Assembling in Respective Labs
Day 1 - 11:30 - 13:00Design Mentoring Session
Day 1 - 13:00 - 14:00Lunch
Day 1 - 14:00 - 15:30Design Yourself
Day 1 - 15:30 - 15:45Tea Break
Day 1 - 15:45 - 18:00Design Yourself
Day 1 - 18:00 - 18:30Tea Break
Day 1 - 18:30 - 20:30Design Yourself
Day 1 - 20:30 - 21:00Dinner Braek
Day 1 - 21:00 OnwardsDesign Yourself
Day 2 - 09:00 - 10:00Reporting & Submission of Design
Day 2 - 10:00 - 13:30Jury Presentation
Day 2 - 13:30 - 14:00Lunch Break
Day 2 - 14:00 - 15:30Jury Presentation
Day 2 - 15:30 - 16:00Tea Break
Day 2 - 16:00 - 17:00Industry Leaders Session
Day 2 - 17:00 - 18:00Winner Awards & Recognition
Day 2 - 18:00 - 19:00Design Walkthrough & Networking
Day 2 - 19:00 - 20:00Industry Jury & VIP Dinner

STUDENT TAKEAWAYS An all-new 24 Hours of Design Challenge experience


Free Autodesk Software


Food and refreshments


Prizes and recognition


Student kit & stationary

Prizes & Awards


  • Participation Certificates
  • Cash Prize (1st - Rs.30,000, 2nd - Rs.20,000, 3rd Rs.10,000)
  • Internship Opportunities
  • Autodesk Mentorship
  • Autodesk Entrepreneurship Incubation & Funding Support
  • Passes to attend Autodesk University 2017, Mumbai
  • Showcase to Government Policy Makers

TOP 25

  • Participation Certificates
  • Gadgets & Accessories
  • Internship Opportunities
  • Autodesk Mentorship

All Participants

  • Participation Certificates

Important Dates

Project Submission Date

RegionHosting InstitutionDate
CoimbatoreSri Krishna College of Technology06 - 07 Aug 2017   Nominations Closed
MaduraiRamco Institute of Technology20 Nov 2017   Nominations Closed
ChennaiSri Sairam Engineering College05 Dec 2017   Nominations Closed

One-day Facilitation Workshop

RegionHosting InstitutionDate
Chennai Sai Ram Engineering College(Batch 1) 27-29 Nov 2017
Chennai MRK Institute of Technology23-24 Nov 2017
Chennai Sai Ram Engineering College(Batch 3)22-24 Nov 2017
Chennai JNN Institute Of Engineering22-23 Nov 2017
Chennai Prathyusha Engineering College22-23 Nov 2017
ChennaiSai Ram Institute of Technology(Batch 3) 22-23 Nov 2017
Chennai Saveetha School of Engineering 17-18 Nov 2017
Chennai Prathyusha Engineering College 16-17 Nov 2017
ChennaiSai Ram Engineering College(Batch 2) 15-17 Nov 2017
ChennaiSai Ram Institute of Technology(Batch 2) 15-16 Nov 2017
Chennai S.A Engineering College15-16 Nov 2017
Chennai Aarupadai Veedu Institute Of Technology08-09 Nov 2017
ChennaiGojan School of Business and Technology 30-31 Oct 2017
Chennai Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan College of Engineering and Technology26-27 Oct 2017
ChennaiKings Engineering College 24-25 Oct 2017
Chennai St.Joseph College of Engineering(Sriperumbudur) 23-24 Oct 2017
ChennaiRajalakshmi Engineering College 21-28 Oct 2017
Chennai Rajalakshmi Institute of Technology 20-21 Oct 2017
SalemErode Builders Engineering College21-22 July 2017
CoimbatoreKPR Institute of Engineering and Technology21-22 July 2017
SalemSasurie College of Engineering19-20 July 2017
CoimbatoreHindustan College of Engineering and Technology19-20 July 2017
SalemDhirajlal Gandhi College of Technology17-18 July 2017
CoimbatoreSri Eshwar College of Engineering17-18 July 2017
SalemMahendra Engineering College14-15 July 2017
CoimbatoreDr NGP Institute of Technology14-15 July 2017
SalemKSR Group of Institutions12-13 July 2017
CoimbatoreSri Krishna College of Engineering & Technology12-13 July 2017
CoimbatoreSri Krishna College of Technology10-11 July 2017
SalemKSR Group of Institutions10-11 July 2017

India Design Week Grand Finale

RegionHosting InstitutionDate
CoimbatoreSri Krishna College of Technology06 -& 07 Aug 2017 View gallery
MaduraiRamco Institute of Technology03-& 04 Dec 2017 View gallery
ChennaiSri Sairam Engineering College11 - & 12 Dec 2017
  • This competition is eligible for all Engineering institutions in Tamil Nadu. More in details
  • 25 student teams to be shortlisted from the overall submissions.
  • 2-3 faculty members to be identified to support as jury members to shortlist the entries to 25 teams.
  • A facilitation workshop will be conducted to the shortlisted teams.
  • Grand Finale - All shortlisted teams to be called in for a 24-hour grand finale event at hosting institution and top 3 winners will be announced.