National Communication Skills Challenge 2019

ICT Academy in association with STEP – The Hindu Group, has launched "National Communication Skills Challenge 2019". The challenge is aimed at assessing the english communication skills of college students specific to reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. The challenge make every participant understand their current language skill levels through STEP PLUS self diagnostic test and help them develop their communication enhancement strategy through personalised report. The top performers at college level, territory level , state level and national level will be recognized with prizes and awards. This challenge is exclusive for the ICT Academy Member Institutions across India.

What Students Get?

Challenge Features

Member Colleges only

Exclusively available for 300 ICT Academy member colleges

100 Students Per College

Each participating college shall enable 100 students to participate

Organize NCSC Day

The college SPOC shall organize NCSC Day at the college before 31 Dec 2019

Personalised Report

Every participating student will receive personalised report on their skill levels

Free Learning Videos

All participating students will access 20 free self-learning videos

Certificate and Prizes

The top 3 College level, Territory level, State Level and National Level will be recognized.

Who Can Participate

The challenge is open to the students from ICT Academy Member Institutions

How to Get Enrolled?

Process & Registration


Institutional sign up

Submit the details in the signup form along with a nomination of a senior faculty member who will be the NCSC 2019 coordinator and SPOC.

On successful completion of the challenge , Coordinator (SPOC) will be recognized through a certificate of appreciation.


Submit / Register 100 students

The college can decide on the list of 100 students who can be part of this grand challenge.

It is advised to facilitate this challenge to the first or second year graduating students, thereby it will be useful for both students and college to develop your communication development plans.


Obtain 100 Licenses for the test

On successful submission/registration of 100 students, ICT Academy will provide the SPOC with 100 licenses along with the "Step PLUS" link for conducting the challenge.


Conduct 'NCSC Day 2019

The Challenge coordinator (SPOC) to take charge of conducing the NCSC Day within the campus on or before 30 Dec 2019. The SPOC shall take support of two other faculty members to proctor the diagnostic test to these 100 students on the day.


Obtain Reports

On successful completion of the diagnostic test for 100 students, individual wise diagnostic test results / reports will be provided by the Hindu STEP along with a consolidated report for the college.


Get Recognized

The students will get recognized at various levels.

Top 3 College Level : Certificates

Top 3 Territory Level : Certificate + Prizes

Top 3 State Level : Certificate + Prizes + Awards

Top 3 National Level : Certificate + Prizes + Awards + Recognition in ICT Academy BRIDGE 2020 Conference @ Chennai.

About STEP Plus

STEP plus is a diagnostic online test that helps in assessing the English language proficiency of a candidate. Some unique features of the STEP Plus diagnostic tool are as follows:

Assessment : The test will comprehensively assess the user on his/ her English proficiency across Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking skills.

Adaptive: A 60-minute long online test, it is customizable and adaptive in nature -the test would work for candidates with varied English proficiency.

A/V Recording : The user can activate the webcam and microphone from the browser and stream and record the entire test experience.

Reports: A detailed report on the user’s areas of proficiency and areas that need attention will be available for decision makers.

Assessment Cost: INR 800 Per License ( Provided at Free of cost of the NCSC 2019 participating students )

About ICT Academy

ICT Academy is an initiative of the Government of India in collaboration with the state Governments and Industries. ICT Academy is a not-for-profit society, the first of its kind pioneer venture under the Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) model that endeavors to train the higher education teachers and students thereby exercises on developing the next generation teachers and industry ready students.

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About STEP

STEP from The Hindu Group is an initiative of The Hindu Group of Publication that provides online courses and services to develop the English language skills of an individual. Through various learning programs, STEP unleashes the individual's potential by improving his/her English language skills that would eventually help them to excel in their professional career or find their dream job or crack competitive exams.

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What Students will Learn?


Timeline for the Championship

Important Dates

Institutional Signup

Start Date
01 Oct 2019

End Date
31 Jan 2020

Students Registration

Start Date
10 Oct 2019

End Date
31 Jan 2020

Conducting NCSC Day

Start Date
01 Dec 2019

End Date
15 Feb 2020

Declaration of

Feb 2020