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About the Program

Every skilled driver has the potential to be transformed into a smart driver and an entrepreneur, if he receives the right guidance and training. It is not just about teaching him better road sense. It is about going beyond that and enhancing his abilities and soft skills. ICT Academy has evolved the requirement into a skill development training.

The first of its kind in the country, ICT Academy has carefully designed modules to teach him etiquette and enhance his proficiency in communication, the finer points about dealing with passengers and customers, grooming, car care and hygiene and a whole range of other qualities and abilities. A driver is very often the public face of the company. A well trained driver can enhance the image of the company considerably.

The training of the drivepreneur by ICT Academy shall improve the self-esteem of the drivers and help them to project themselves as an entrepreneur. Thereby this training shall aid in converting the cab industry into a more organized sector and develop availability of well-trained manpower. ICT Academy on completion of the training program shall assess and certify the drivers as ICT Academy trained SMART DRIVEPRENEURS.

Course Modules

Basic Responsibilities as a Driver

Safety & Dealing with Emergency Situations

Customer Service

Using Taximeter, Fares and Payments

Handling Physically Handicapped Customers

From Drivers to Entrepreneurs

Program Features

Program Partners