Rural Women Self Employment Transformation Program

About the Program

Women are considered the symbol of change. Women, in the present day, have been recognized as a significant part of the stable economy. Women are 48% of the Indian population, but their participation in economic development is still below par as only 34% of Indian women are engaged in financial and economic activities. Many of which are either unpaid or underpaid. With gender-bias problems in some regions of India, women have also become victims of unemployment.

The main focus of this program is to empower women by creating awareness about the business environment and nurturing their growth, which eventually ends up in the family and societal welfare.

Cholamandalam Investment and Finance Company Limited, in association with ICT Academy, has launched 'Rural Women Self Employment Transformation Program' for women in the age group of 18 - 50 years in the rural and backward districts categorized into Class A, B, and C cities across India. The program focuses on entrepreneurship development and training. The program reaches aspiring rural women who wish to become entrepreneurs. It rekindles their aspirations to realize their dreams by taking them into a journey of equipping them with competence, confidence, and connections to build a strong foundation on entrepreneurship. The participants will receive practical knowledge and guidance for their entrepreneurial journey, enabling them to self-sustain and improve profits in the long run.

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Rural Women Self Employment Transformation Program


Develop entrepreneurial capabilities of rural women

Develop and strengthen the entrepreneurial traits

Training on process and procedure involved in setting up small enterprise

Holistic training to operate enterprise successfully

Provide knowledge about government plans and schemes

Focus on long term growth and sustainability

Rural Women Self Employment Transformation Program

For Whom

  • Aspiring rural women across India in the age group of 18-50 years

Rural Women Self Employment Transformation Program


100 Hours of training

Entrepreneurship guidance

Counselling by peer women groups

Awareness sessions on functional support and financial assistance from bank

Government schemes for women entrepreneurs

Session on fund sources of government agencies

Rural Women Self Employment Transformation Program


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