About the Project

The technologies of the fourth industrial revolution are being adopted by multiple public sector and private companies worldwide. Students, the future workforce, getting skilled in these technologies is a great challenge because of affordability, access, and availability of infrastructure in their region. To train the youth and women students on advanced technology skills and prepare them for the future of work, Honeywell has partnered with ICT Academy to establish 25 Center of Excellence for Women Empowerment and 25 Center of Excellence for Youth Empowerment. Through the center of excellence, 5,000 higher education students will be trained on advanced technologies such as cloud, big data, networking, RPA, artificial intelligence, and machine learning and will be made industry-ready resources. The project aims to benefit the students of higher education institutions in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Maharashtra.


Prof K VijayRaghavan

Principal Scientific Adviser
Government of India

Lakshmi Narayanan

Emiratus Vice Chairman, Cognizant
Chairman, ICT Academy

Ashish Gaikwad

Honeywell India (Interim)

Samuel Pratap

Honeywell Technology Solutions

Prof Rajive Kumar

Member of Secretary

Dr. B Anbuthambi

ICT Academy

L Sureshbabu

Head - Corporate & Government Initiatives, ICT Academy