Teachers Empowerment Program

About the Program

The long lockdown for the COVID-19 pandemic has closed schools, colleges and other educational institutions and ushered in the citywide classroom: tens and thousands of students in cities and towns are glued to computers and smartphone screens as teachers take to online apps for lectures, tutorials and assessments. However, e-learning poses a challenge to both teachers and students over technology and ability to replicate the same physical classroom experience in the virtual environment.

In this context, ICT Academy proposes "Teachers Empowerment Program" to train 1,000 teachers of govt. schools in rural regions of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Gujarat on digital teaching skills. The project will prepare teachers of rural India for the new journey. This will also help teachers of schools change their teaching style to meet the demands of this new digital world and make the virtual classroom a great learning environment. The program will provide the teachers to achieve their teaching goals, motivate students to learn from isolation, promote team work in digital space and assess their knowledge with / without exams or assignments. Even post the pandemic, this course will enable teachers to use the digital tools effectively in the live classroom environment.

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Teachers Empowerment Program


  • To Train rural school teachers across India on Digital Teaching Skills and Soft Skills

  • To make the teaching-learning process in rural classrooms more effective.

  • To enable teachers in rural India for the new digital education

Teachers Empowerment Program



Covering Basics of ICT, Digital Teaching Techniques & Soft Skills


12 Hours of Live


Jointly by ICT Academy of Tamil Nadu and Lenovo India Private Limited


Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Gujarat

Target Segment

School Women Teachers from Rural Government Schools


With Schools

Teachers Empowerment Program


This 40 Hours Course for Rural Teachers, comprises of 3 Modules, which will be delivered in a Virtual LIVE Instructor Led Training, thereby making teachers to attend live classes from their schools/locations.

Teachers Empowerment Program

State Covered

This unique Rural Teachers Empowerment Program is implemented in the following states of India.

Tamil Nadu