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Thursday, February 05, 2015

Chennai, 05 Feb 2015

ICTACT organized a press meet to announce the massive event for industry-institute interaction. A note of bridge event was officially declared in the press meet.

The ICT Academy of Tamil Nadu (ICTACT) is all set to organize its 19th Edition of its large Industry-Institute Interaction Event `ICTACT Bridge 2015’ on the 17th Feb 2015 at Chennai Trade Centre. The theme of this year is `The Big Digital World’, which will focus on all generations of the digital era to discuss, iterate and plan for the future,” said Mr. Lakshmi Narayanan, Chairman, ICTACT, in a press meet organised today (5th Feb. 2015) in the city, announcing the launch of the event.

Supported by Department of Information Technology Government of Tamil Nadu, the conference is expected to be attended by 2000+ participants from the academic and the corporate community across India. ICTACT Bridge 2015 will feature talks and panel discussions by industry leaders, entrepreneurs and experts. The focus of sessions will be on Digital Business, Digital Technologies, Digital Workforce & Skills and Digital Leadership. For more details and registration, visit

"ICTACT Digital India Pledge 2015" - focused at providing digital literacy to more than 25,000 individuals with low technological literacy in the year 2015 - will be initiated during the event. The campaign is aimed to trigger and inject vigor to the Nation's vision to empower at least one person per household with crucial digital literacy skills by 2020.

"The Nation's vision is to touch lives of more than 5 million individuals in the next four years through digital literacy skills. The ICTACT `Digital India Pledge 2015’ is an initiative under the ICTACT Digital Literacy Mission, which is helping people develop the skills required to interact in the digital world. This pledge will be a collaborative initiative of Institutions and corporates in India,” added Mr. Lakshmi Narayanan.

The three exclusive parallel sessions - ICTACT Chairmans’ Convergence, Women Edupreneurs’ Forum and HR Managers’ Convergence - for specific stakeholders are to be conducted during the event.

ICTACT Chairmans’ Convergence 2015: will bring together the Chairmans and Leaders of Educational Institutions in the state. This convergence will enlighten the leaders in the academia on driving educational institutions towards excellence by strategically outshining the impediments in the pursuit.

ICTCT Women Edupreneurs Forum 2015: will bring together the top 25 successful education women leaders from across the state. The objective of this session is to celebrate the diversity in Women Leadership emerging in the education sector in Tamil Nadu. The state has its own pool of such women leaders who have made a mark for themselves in the Education Industry.

ICTACT HR Managers’ Convergence 2015: brings together HR & Talent Development Managers to discuss on the challenges and best practices in dealing “The Digital Workforce”. This will be an exclusive session for the HR / Talent Managers to interact with some leading HR & Talent Management Leaders of leading corporate.

An inspiring award show `ICTACT Awards 2015’ that is honoring achievers in categories `Best Techno Faculty’; `Best Techno Teacher’ and `Best Tech School’ is yet another interesting feature of the event.