Inviting Corporate Executives to join the movement. Become a theguide Network member Today !

The students in our country are facing an unprecedented challenge - Exposure to the current corporate world. Apart from challenges of getting his academics right, he needs to brace himself up for his career. But these graduate students are mostly from the rural India and hence do not have adequate opportunities to get the right Industry exposure.

As an Individual, you have earned your stripes the hard way. You are successful today. You have gone through the grind and you have the skills. Should you not share your knowledge and skills with a few hundred graduating students in our Nation. Share your ideas and Knowledge. Be a Guide, a Role Model, a Mentor and a Leader. Highlight your strengths and register with us to mould the students to face their tomorrows in the corporate world and eliminate educational inequity.

ICT Academy, a nonprofit autonomous organization is creating a platform to bring Rural graduates closer to the corporate executive through theGuide Network. ICT Academy is inviting individual Corporate Executives to volunteer and handhold the graduating students from the colleges.

Spend a small valuable time of yours in imparting what you have learned and gained over the years to the groups of students in a smaller town of our nation. Together with the community, you can help to turn around and produce great professionals of tomorrow.

Let us make this a growing movement. We know it's possible to provide a great exposure for all. We know you can make the difference. Come help us build a better student community.

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