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ict Connect Magazine

“ict Connect” Magazine – An EdTech Monthly Publication since 2010.

Welcome to ict Connect, where authors contribute to myriad facets of topics. As a monthly education magazine, ict Connect is dedicated to enriching the lives of our diverse readership. Unveiling the extra ordinary in the ordinary, we delve into the realms of the industry, learn technological advancements in ICT, obtain Career Guidance, Skill Development, gain exposure to Case Studies, Skill Gap Analysis, Teaching and Learning Methodologies, and receive information on areas emergent in the ICT Industry, and beyond, offering a tapestry of thought-provoking content.

We believe the dissemination of information is itself a step towards empowerment.

Reach of ict Connect - Online

It is convenient for technocrats, aspiring entrepreneurs, students, instructors, and readers of all kinds to have access to this exclusive online platform of ict Connect, which is a referral point of information that can be accessed with only their clicks.

The author’s reach

Since the debut of the magazine's exclusive website, our authors have had access to a vast and diverse readership. Moreover, we provide them with a significant advantage by utilizing our social media platforms to distribute their ideas and work on a global scale.

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