Web Designing and Scripting

Web Designing and Scripting (using JavaScript and DHTML)

Course Code:


Course Duration:

100 hours

Course Delivery:

70 hours


08 hours

Project Work:

22 hours


The course is designed to teach the participants how to create web documents using HTML that comprises the best practices of webpage design through the use of CSS and XML. JavaScript module of the course introduces participants to the basics of JavaScript where they gain understanding of how to implement interactivity, special effects, and enhanced functionality in web development. It also covers the basic concept of DHTML and XML.

Pre-requisite Knowledge/Skills

  • Basic Programming knowledge and Logical skills

Course Objective

Upon successful completion of the course, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the basic concepts of web designing.
  • Describe the fundamental concepts of HTML tags, elements and attributes.
  • Explore the basics of CSS and its features.
  • Work with JavaScript and its data types, variables, operators and functions.
  • Introduce arrays in Scripting and work with JavaScript objects.
  • Understand about the Dynamic styles and Positioning.
  • Work with Filters and Transitions.
  • Understand about the concepts of Data Exchange Standards.
  • Gain knowledge on XML and XML schema.
  • Differentiate between HTML and XML.

Course Outline

The contents of this course are designed to support the course objectives. The following focus areas are included in this course:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Web Designing
  • Module 2: Hyper Text Markup Language
  • Module 3: Working with Scripting Java Script Introduction Data types & Operators Conditional Statement Functions Recursion Arrays JavaScript Objects
  • Module 4: Dynamic Hyper Text Markup
  • Module 5: Extensible Markup Language (XML) Electronic Data Exchange XML Parse or Well-formed XML Documents Difference between HTML and XML

Project Work

Participants are required to do a project work as a part of the program. Project work should be in accordance with the project specifications provided by ICT Academy in consultation with the industry. The project work should be done in groups, with 4 or 5 participants in a group.

Course Deliverables

For Faculty

  • Course Material
  • Course Slides
  • Facilitator Guide
  • Student Exercises
  • Case Studies
  • Certification from ICT Academy

For Student

  • Course Material
  • Orientation session by ICT Academy / Industry Experts
  • Exercises
  • Case Studies
  • Online Assessment
  • Certification from ICT Academy